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About Us

The Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund of Western PA (“KSEF”) was the brainchild of Mr. Thomas A. Motley, Sr., past Polemarch of the Pittsburgh Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. KSEF was created as the philanthropic arm of the Pittsburgh Alumni Chapter to offer financial assistance via scholarships and financial awards to support the needs of African American students at undergraduate and graduate levels. It received 501 (c) 3 status (a provision of the US Internal Revenue Code for non-profit organizations exempt from some federal income taxes) in July 1991. EIN number is 25-1672589 and United Way number is 4338.

kappa photo1– Earl F. Hord was appointed to chair KSEF’s formation committee and was likewise charged with the responsibility of filing the necessary application materials for its establishment. With the legal assistance of Attorney James E Ford, the infrastructure for KSEF was established in 1991. KSEF has been the conduit in providing scholarships exceeding millions of dollars to well over one hundred students since its inception.

– KSEF also provides mentoring services targeting African American men through its Kappa League Program. This is a mentoring program designed to work with Western PA based minority high school students (young men) with the goal of development of tangible and intangible skills needed to be successful upon completion of high school.

– KSEF serves as a focal point of financial and philanthropic resources to the African American community with particular emphasis on African American men, while assisting in making the Fraternity a more prominent force in the community. Since its inception, recipients of scholarships and financial awards have excelled academically and continue to develop their skills to be competitive in the 21st century.

– To further foster its mission to provide philanthropic support through academic scholarships to high school seniors, KSEF has partnered with Robert Morris University and Penn State University to target a broader pool of talented African American students. KSEF has likewise partnered with NEED to better leverage its scholarship dollars awarded to talented college-bound students. In 2013 KSEF launched the KSEF/Highmark-Aaron Walton Award and in 2014 launched the KSEF/UPMC Award. These corporate backed awards are reflective of KSEF’s continuous success in identifying outstanding students from Western PA.

– In 2016 KSEF launched its partnership with the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) to identify and provide talented students full scholarships to attend CCAC as part of its 2+2 Program. CCAC has a collaborative program with many four year institutions in which students can attend CCAC for two years, receive an associates degree then transfer to one of the many four year institutions and complete the remaining two years for a bachelor’s degree. The benefits include: the significant reduction of costs to receive a bachelor’s degree; full transfer of CCAC credits; receipt of an associates degree; and receipt of a bachelor’s degree in four years.

– In addition to the high school awards, KSEF offers the Marcus P Blakemore Undergraduate Award to talented undergraduate members of Kappa Alpha Psi in the Western Pennsylvania area.

– In 2014 KSEF embarked on an initiative to identify talented high school seniors and college students for potential internships and career opportunities with local corporations. The career initiative began with MARC USA and KSEF is working to expand to other corporations.

– KSEF is governed and managed by a volunteer group of officers and Board of Directors members that dedicate their personal time and resources to the mission of the organization. Under the current leadership of Howard A. Russell, Jr, (Board President) KSEF has established as a goal the continued endowment of financial capital that will allow KSEF to continue to provide scholarship assistance and other support services through perpetuity.



Howard A. Russell, Jr.

Vice President
Robert J Powell

Jerome S. Frank

Asst Treasurer
Jeffery C. Jackson

Alexander D. Carlisle

Assistant Secretary
Leroy R. Payne

Board of Directors

Gregory L. Austin
James J. Barnes
Caster D. Binion
Eric Cofield
Michael L. Dear
Samuel E. Evans
Mark S. Lewis
Mose D. McNeese
Eric S Morris
Thomas A. Motley*

Michael A. Phillips
Chauncey W. Smith
Morton Stanfield, Jr
Michael B. Thomas*
Dr. Raymond Wynn

* Founding Members

KSEF Scholarship Awards Program

We are pleased to announce that KSEF is seeking candidates for its annual high school scholarship awards program.


The Scholarship Awards Are:

  • Two full-tuition room & board scholarships (KSEF/PENN STATE in Business or Liberal Arts major) to attend Penn State University
  • Five KSEF financial award scholarships: first place: $3,500; second place: $2,500; third place: $2,000; and (2) fourth place: $1,000 each.
  • Five full tuition scholarships to Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)
  • One Kappa Scholarship ($1,000 to an undergraduate member of Kappa Alpha Psi in the Pittsburgh region)
KSEF Scholarships

Application Submission

The completed scholarship applications for all financial awards offered by KSEF must be returned by February 04.


A high school senior may apply for multiple scholarships. However, the student must submit an application on the designated forms for the KSEF/PSU Scholarship, KSEF Scholarship and the CCAC Scholarship. YOU MUST SUBMIT SEPARATE APPLICATIONS FOR EACH SCHOLARSHIP. The focus of KSEF is identifying high- achieving underrepresented students for these awards. The categories listed on each scholarship application will be utilized for evaluating each candidate. Finalists must be present for a face-to-face interview with the selection committee and likewise winners must attend the annual scholarship luncheon.


For additional information, please contact:
Mr. Michael Phillips, (412) 263-2903
Scholarship Selection Committee Chairman

Past KSEF Scholarship Recipients


Todd Lesesne
John McKeever
Bryant Reed
DeVaughn L. Robinson
Amos Simms Smith


Rashaan Listenbee-Bute
Darnell Clark
Aaron Lockhart
Chaun W. Shaabid
Shawn Thompkins


Larry Franklin Burton
Kenny Gales
Johnnie L Lewis
James O’Kelly
Jeffrey W. O’Neele


Edmundson Effort
Daniel Wright


DeVaughn M. Chapman
Jamyl Dobson
Jamaal M. Gray
Charles Ross Taggert
Thomas M. Turner


Justin Ghogomu
Lonnie T. Parker
Allen M. Patrick
Duane Ramseur
Kerel Thompson


Cory Grant
Todd Henderson
Juaquin Sims
Stephen Sengstacke
Keith Yates


Deaudre Bailey
William Hine
Joshua Lewis
Jasopn Palm


Curtis Doubt
Roy Jackson
Marcus Monroe
Terrence Suber
Larry O. Wright, III


Allen B. Chapman
Marcus A. Cofield
Loren A. Kirkland
Thomas R. Moore
Darrell T. Wolford


Elliot Brown
Joshua Bryant
Dorien Goodnight-Giddens
William R. Guess, Jr
Keenyn J. Rucker
Marvin W. Walker, Jr.


Kendall Coates
James Cromartie
Andrew Freeman
Paul Pennington
Cleveland Savage – RMU Presidential Scholar


Edward Kaikai – RMU Incentive
McHammed Ibraham – KSEF
Raymar McClain – KSEF
James McNeil- KSEF
Brittani Murray – RMU Incentive
Antonio Ross – RMU Incentive
Andre Steed – RMU Presidential Scholar
Christopher Turner – KSEF/RMU Incentive


Robert Travis – KSEF
David Morris – KSEF
George Allen – KSEF
Rayshawn Pritchard – KSEF/RMU Incentive
James Jermany – RMU Incentive


Andre Schrock – Central Catholic – KSEF/Thomas A Motley Award
Quinn Johnson – Central Catholic – KSEF
Eric Robinson – Central Catholic – KSEF
Jasmine Smith – Steubenville High School – RMU Presidential Scholar
Krishonna Williams – Steubenville High School – RMU Presidential Scholar
Megan Green – RMU Incentive
Tyler Kirkland – RMU Incentive
Cornaya Moorefield – RMU Incentive
Coron Howard – RMU Incentive
Roman Scott – RMU Incentive
Schneitta Howard – RMU Incentive
Emily McAllister – RMU Incentive


Jullian Payne – City Charter High – KSEF/Thomas A Motley Award
Anthony Hawkins – Hempfield Area High School – KSEF
Langston Wright – Schenley High School – KSEF
Brett Allen – Penn Hills High School – KSEF
Malik Johnson – Central Catholic – RMU Presidential Scholar
Marcus Paxton Jr – Upper St Clair – RMU Presidential Scholar
Charles Thompson Lawson – West Mifflin Area High School – Full Scholarship


Darryl Daughtry – City Charter HS – Thomas A Motley Award
Brooke Durham – Gateway Senior HS – PSU Full Scholarship
Mason Fulmore – City Charter HS – KSEF Merit Award
Marc Jamison – Schenley HS – KSEF Merit Award
Amber Kendrick – Central Valley HS – Presidential Scholar
Raenelle Lowery – Taylor Allderdice – PSU Full Scholarship
Matthew Murdock – CAPA HS – KSEF Merit Award
Devon Porter – Clairton Ed Center – PSU Full Scholarship
Zachary T. Washington, III – North Farmington HS – KSEF Merit Award


Keiterez Bynum – Clarion University of PA – Marcus P Blackmore Award
Jordan V Edmunds – Central Catholic HS – KSEF Merit Award
Ira Johnson – Trinity Christian HS – KSEF Merit Award
Kiyonna McFrazier – New Brighton HS – PSU Full Scholarship
Tierra Mitchell – Steubenville HS – RMU Presidential Scholar
Blair Adam Payne – City Charter HS – RMU Presidential Scholar
Mikaila J. Rodgers – City Charter HS – PSU Full Scholarship
Malik J. Simpson – Central Catholic HS – Thomas A Motley Award
Shealyn Williamson – Taylor Allderdice HS – KSEF Merit Award


Desiree Anderson – Propel Andrew Street High School – RMU Presidential Scholar
Robert Benjamin TOLATR – Highland Park Academy – KSEF Merit Award
Kyle Chapman – West Allegheny High School – PSU Full Scholarship
Dray Cottingham – City Charter High School – Thomas A Motley Award
Deja Hopkins – Pittsburgh Obama – PSU Full Scholarship
Kelsey Paxton – Upper St. Clair – RMU Presidential Scholar
Jordan Pollard – KSEF Merit Award
Eric Scott – Imani Christian Academy – KSEF Merit Award
Brittany Stone – City Charter High School – KSEF Merit Award


William Gadson – McKeesport Area High School – KSEF Merit Award
Michael Harrell – Baldwin High School – PSU Full Scholarship
Jordan Lawson – Allderdice High School – PSU Full Scholarship
Adaiah Hudgins-Lopez – Pittsburgh Capa – KSEF Award
Kristina Lewis – Woodland Hills High School – KSEF/UPMC Award
Carrigan Robinson – Canon-McMillan High School – RMU Presidential Scholar
Joshua Scherrer – Pittsburgh Obama – KSEF/Highmark-Aaron Walton Award
Jordan Tyler – Pittsburgh Science and Technology – KSEF/Thomas A Motley Award


Shayonna Herring – Pittsburgh Perry – Penn State Full Scholarship
Arnold “Raheem” Perry – Imani Christian Academy – KSEF Financial Award
Thomas Rone – Pittsburgh Obama – Thomas A Motley Award
Kerry Stith – North Allegheny – Penn State Full Scholarship
Janelle Thompson – North Hills High School – KSEF/UPMC Award
Gerrod Travis – Pittsburgh Westinghouse – KSEF Financial Award
Kevin Williams – Pittsburgh Science and Technology – KSEF/Highmark-Aaron Walton Award
Ira Johnson – California University of PA – Marcus P Blackmore Award


Excellence Askew-Beaver Falls High School-RMU Presidential Scholar
Tamir Frank-The Winchester Thurston School-KSEF/UPMC Award
Jeremiah Hardy-Pittsburgh Capa-PSU Full Scholarship
Jordan King-Valley High School-KSEF Financial Award
Kareem Simpson-Central Catholic High School-KSEF/Thomas A Motley Award
Nayelle Williams-McKeesport Area High School-KSEF-Highmark-Aaron Walton Award
Martha Yanders-Pittsburgh Obama-PSU Full Scholarship


Matthew L. Adams-Westinghouse High School-CCAC Full Scholarship
Dax R. Craig-Jr.-Penn Hills High School-Thomas A Motley Award
Dennis Holmes-Jr.-Westinghouse High School-CCAC Full Scholarship
Mikelle C. Miles-Beaver Falls High School-RMU Presidential Scholar
Peggy N. Phillip-Woodland Hills High School-KSEF Award
Diamond Regan-Westinghouse High School-CCAC Full Scholarship
Jordan E. Scott-West Mifflin Area High School-KSEF Award
Amanda Talbot-Pittsburgh CAPA-PSU Full Scholarship
Noah E. Washington-Trinity Christian High School-KSEF/Highmark-Aaron Walton Award
Liza Washington-Oakland Catholic High School-KSEF/UPMC Award
MaKenzie Wright-Elizabeth Forward High School-PSU Full Scholarship


Adia Hearns-Boyd- Pittsburgh CAPA High School – PSU Full Scholarship
Crystal Cox-City Charter High School – KSEF Award
Kenyon Harper-North Allegheny High School – KSEF/Dollar Bank Award
Kaleb Jefferson-Woodland Hills High School – CCAC Full Scholarship
Jordan Jiles-Central Catholic High School – Thomas A. Motley Award
Katilyn Lawrence – North Allegheny High School – KSEF/UPMC Award
Hazel Rouse-Obama High School – KSEF Award
Keith Tate – RMU Presidential Scholar
Jared Washington – Sewickley Academy – KSEF/Highmark-Aaron Walton Award

Spotlight on Past Financial Awardees


Jordan Tyler

School you current attend and high school you graduated from

I am currently a sophomore attending The Pennsylvania State University and I graduated from Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy in 2014.

Why did you choose your university

I chose Penn State because it provides a well rounded world-class education. Its academics are very strong and the extracurricular activities are very important as well.

Current major

My current major is Civil Engineering, I chose this major because I hope to improve life through civil engineering.

Goals upon graduation

My goal upon graduation is to be an established engineer who is ready to be effective in the industry.

GPA, extra-curricular activities, community service, organizations, etc on campus

3.0 and some organizations I am involved on campus are NSBE and the Multicultural Engineering Program. As for extra-curricular activities, I am on an intramural basketball team.

Why was the KSEF scholarship beneficial to you

The KSEF scholarship benefited me because It provided me with the opportunity to be fully focused on school and not worried about finances. It has also paired me with a network of quality professionals that are great role models who influence me in positive ways as mentors.


Malik Simpson

School you current attend and high school you graduated from

I am currently a senior at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. I graduated from Central Catholic High School in 2012.

Why did you choose your university

I chose to attend NC State because I thought it would be a good experience to see and experience something different than the north. Also, when I came on a visit to the school, I felt very welcome and that it would be a good place to call home.

Current major

Biological Sciences – Human Biology Concentration but in the process of switching to a Business Administration – Finance Concentration with a Biological Sciences minor.

Goals upon graduation

I plan to attend a graduate school and receive my Masters of Public Health. Ultimately, my goal is to become a Healthcare Administrator in a hospital.

GPA, extra-curricular activities, community service, organizations, etc on campus

My current GPA is a 3.0 and I’m involved in multiple organizations. I’m a Spring 2014 initiate of the Kappa Lambda Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. I’m also the Secretary for the NPHC on my campus, member of the Society of National Leadership and Success, former Vice President of the Minority Association of Pre-Health students, and a mentor in the Peer Mentor Program.

Why was the KSEF scholarship beneficial to you

The KSEF Scholarship was beneficial because it helped defray the cost of schooling my freshman year of college. College is a very expensive fee, especially being an out of state student, so I was very grateful when I won. Anything helps when it comes to winning scholarship money.




Healthy Kappa 5K Run & Walk

Saturday August 31, 2019
Allison Park, PA US 15101


  • $20.00
  • Price increase to $25.00 after July 31, 2019


  • Ages 10 and Under: 1ST, 2ND & 3rd Place
  • Ages 11-14: 1ST, 2ND & 3rd Place
  • Ages 15-18: 1ST, 2ND & 3rd Place
  • Ages 19-29: 1ST, 2ND & 3rd Place
  • Ages 30-39: 1ST, 2ND & 3rd Place
  • Ages 40-49: 1ST, 2ND & 3rd Place
  • Ages 50-59: 1ST, 2ND & 3rd Place
  • Ages 60 and over: 1ST, 2ND & 3rd Place


North Park Boathouse
10301 Pearce Mill Road
Allison Park, PA US 15101


The Healthy Kappa 5K Run & Walk is a family friendly event for runners and walkers of all fitness levels. The 2nd annual Healthy Kappa 5K Walk/Run benefits the Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund of Western Pennsylvania (“KSEF”). KSEF has been responsible for over $2.7 million dollars in financial support to approximately 160 minority college bound students from Western PA. In 2018 alone, KSEF provided over $215,000 in financial support for college bound minority students from Western Pennsylvania.


7:30 AM

Registration opens – Entertainment begins – Team Area opens

8:00 AM


8:30 AM

Welcome/Race Instructions – Memorial Ceremony

8:45 AM

Report to the Start Line

9:00 AM

Race/Walk begins – Runner begin before Walkers

9:45 AM

Post Race Results at Boathouse

10:30 AM

Closing Activities – Presentation of Awards

11:00 AM

Event Conclusion


Every participate will receive a Healthy 5K shirt.

Click here to register online: 2019 Healthy Kappa 5K Run/Walk


As KSEF continues to provide financial assistance and mentoring to “Our Future Leaders of Tomorrow”, your ongoing support is and will continue to be vital. You can provide donations directly to KSEF either through writing a check or directly through the link below. Your donation is 100% tax deductible. Thank you in advance.


For More Information:

PO Box 5013
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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